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    But, it’s finally time for me to say good-bye.

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Opinion on;

Character in general:I’ve interacted with Hana on multiple blogs a nd just i adore her tbh. I love how accurate of a genderbend she is; she’s just such an amazingly unique and real character i just *swoon*
How they play them: VI IS THE quEEN OF GENDERB ENDS LIKE REALLY. in simple words the y are the greatest
The Mun
: vi is a total loser wh o is never on skype :| jk i lo ve her so much she’s been with me for so long and just dskflf i love her 

Do I:

RP with themnot enough 
Want to RP with them
: yeeeEEE

What is my;

Overall Opinion: vi is a loser but i guess hana is cool

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                          { ♚ }; “O b v i o u s l y.

                                He wonders about the risk of a political scandal,
                                but THEY dread  not  embarrassment,  no,  they
                                both fear only wasted potential. Somewhere out
                                there is a place for one of them, somewhere out
                                there is a kingdom without a King… Somebody
                                should step up and fill in the gap…

                                The prince silences his sister’s future quips
                                with a quick reassuring comment: “Of course,
                                if I were to do that and become the King, you
                                wouldn’t be left here, no, no, no…”

                                                                  Where he goes, so does she.
                                                                  Where she goes, so does he. 

                               The inseparable royal pair — they shared not
                               only blood and birthday but thoughts as well.
                               And the blackest, innermost desires  which
                               should never be revealed before their siblings. 

░ 『 ♔ 』 ░  ; ;

It’s only for a second that the doubt pricks
         her mind, and yet even then Hans catches it,
         soothing the insecurity with the promise that
         there would be a place for her at his side,
         even if he was to   r i s e   above them all.

                 —or perhaps it wasn’t even
                    telepathy at work here, but
                    the simple knowing and 
                    instinct that existed between
                    the twins so long entwined.

                    Still, she is stubborn where
                    vulnerability is concerned.

                 ”I didn’t say anything,” Hana murmurs,
                  but there is a trace of a smile, gratitude,
                  to be found there.

                                    "So then, what shall it be?"

                  Should they stay here,
                  and wait for another opportunity,
                  or take this chance before them?

                                     “I’ll trust your judgment.”

{ metaphoriic . }




             ❝  might i just say, in advance,
                       that you cannot place the blame
                       on me when i kiss you following
                       this semi-awkward exchange ——
                       for that notion would be entirely

                       as is, it is already incredibly difficult resisting
                       the everyday temptation i experience with girls
                       i pass by on the street — let alone ones with the
                       caliber of your beauty.

                       and ii simply strive to live spontaneously

░ 『 ♔ 』 ░  ; ;


     lips purse in interest
      to the sudden spouts of almost
      balladry, but at the end of the
      verse her cool demeanor can hardly
      be persuaded. a hand lifts, a single
 pressing to his lips crossing 
      socially tacit boundary, smirk  
      displayed on her own. 

            ”  - - - simmer down there,
                  L o r d   B y r o n . 

                             I don’t think you 
                             could afford it. “

{ deerstxlker . }

             He raised his hands

                      to his head, trembling thumbs
                      pressing against his temples
                      in a position of surrender. The
                      red mark thankfully migrated
                      from Hana, and instead the
                      two     dots   scanned over
                      Sherlock’s facial features.

                      The   detective’s   eyes  locked
                      with the woman’s, raw P A I N
                      in his expression. A slight shake
                      of his head was    all   he could
                      manage physically without risk.
                      If    he   could    grab  her hand
                      and     escape    this plausible
                      deathbed,               he would.


                               But God, he can’t.

    ❛ Run. Now. Run as far as
      you can, and if you don’t
     hear aG U N S H O T, call 
       Lestrade. Please; go.

░ 『 ♔ 』 ░  ; ;

     His solution was none
       too satisfactory for Hana. The
       relinquishment of her spot as
       a target was too small a victory
       for any emotion to surface 
       above her peril; Sherlock’s
       look of despair was hardly
       comforting either. 
       This was all happening
       much too fast.

       - - - was this all she
              would be reduced to?
              The damsel in distress?

       It was true that in most situations,
       Hana would be happy to bow out,
       even at the cost of another. 

              But this was different.
              This was Sherlock Holmes.
              His value was greater than
              hers, his loss of life would
              be detrimental to others
              while hers … her was 
              transient, a mere chase
              but not promise of glory.

       Hana didn’t care about
       right and wrong.
       But she didn’t want
       to be a coward, either.
              She had her limits.

                     ”If I go, he might
                      just shoot. Your
                      friend should be
                      coming. Can’t we
                      stall him?”

           eware    he    rozen    eart


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                               『 °˖✧ ENTER  ✧˖° 』

{ deerstxlker . }

             ❛ No, I can’t.

                  Not this time. ❜

           Blank yet apologetic features
           on his face, eyes rimmed 
           with red. The scarlet dot
           of a sniper raises to his
           lips from somewhere far. It’s
           twin appears on Hana’s forehead.


                       ❛ I'm sorry. ❜

░ 『 ♔ 』 ░  ; ;

     Teeth grit in disbelief
       at the sight of the mark rising
       the sight of the detective failing.
       This wasn’t happening.
        It couldn’t be.
        She refused to believe it.

     ”Don’t. Don’t—do that.
       Just … think.
       Should we try running, 
       or—is there someone to call,
       a n y t h i n g . “

{ deerstxlker . }


                      ❛ look at me     
                      we are both going to D I E. ❜

░ 『 ♔ 』 ░  ; ;


     ”You’re joking.
        You’re Sherlock Holmes.
        You can find a way out of